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Introducing your special all-Aussie blog host

Welcome, speakers of the language of Shakespeare, of NASA, of Nabokov when he wrote Lolita, and of many others!

Lucy herself does not speak, she rather communicates through smell, but I can tell she is very pleased to have you here.

Who’s Lucy?

Lucy is a wombat. My wombat.

Why a wombat? What is a wombat? What’s all this blog about?

Origins: A mass shooting and a life 2.0

Lucy wasn’t born yet, when I was happily living in Paris, France, as an Italian who is more at ease in the world than in her hometown.

One night, in Paris, I went to a music gig. The wrong one. 90 people were killed. You may have heard of it. I got out alive and uninjured, although, you know, what happens to the mind in such cases is a whole different story. My brain became sick and was crying for help. Paris was just too painful. It was also my love, but I felt that I had to leave its places and memories, and move forward.

Then – voilà! – I moved to Australia. Far. Distant. A whole new world. A world that deserved to be told. I needed to make new space in my heart for it. Melbourne was so amazingly welcoming.

Discovering Australia and myself

I started writing here, in Italian. At first, as a therapy. Then I enjoyed it and kept going. Surprisingly – hello, impostor syndrome -, something happened: people would actually read it! Unknown people from both hemispheres. It has helped me so much in coming alive again.

I may be ironically cynical and critical towards this world (can you possibly not be, especially when they shoot at you with an AK-47 for no reason?), but still, there is a significant amount of beauty out there, and this blog is mainly dedicated to that.

Because beauty is nothing unless shared.

And whenever beauty is hard to find, we still have the creative energy of the eyes, of a vision, and most of all, of words.

If we have a power, it’s the power of staying focused on what’s good in life (and on all things strange, interesting, curious), laughing in the face of the ones who tried to bring us down. And I laugh. It’s not always easy, but I try. Lucy helps.

A special helper: the amazing wombat

Indeed, I couldn’t start this alone. The blog needed a spirit animal, an Aussie one, as a guide. When I met a wombat, I instantly knew I had found it.

But what kind of beast is that?

A wombat is an extraordinary marsupial, closely related to the koala, who digs underground tunnels and lives in burrows. Nocturnal, erratic, vegetarian, a wombat is a quiet, solitary creature who knows well what it wants, what it likes, and just doesn’t worry too much about the rest. It will peacefully wave at you – just do not get in its way. Or it will crush your skull with his hard, cartilaginous butt. True story.

Lucy’s home entrance

So Lucy is my wombat. She exists in my mind, and now in yours as well. She loves discovering new places and things, and has taught me a lot. She is also very sweet. Well, it depends on who she’s dealing with.

My own name doesn’t really matter here. I’m just a humble human who loves putting things in words from her burrow to better understand them.

Lucy will be your friendly host and will show you around. Two more facts about her: she has a dark, not-so-well hidden sense of humor; and, just like any other wombat, she makes square poo.

Wombat poo

Time to think – and to blog – differently. The power of languages

Different languages = different tones and ways of thinking. Maybe it’s time for me to explore a new one!

My English writing might not be perfect – but I might as well have a shot at it… Lucy and I are lifelong learners, after all.

While I work on some new English posts, you can do the following:

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Thank you so much for being here, I hope you enjoy it!



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